Poem: To Die is Gain

‘To Die is Gain’

Evelyn sat by her fireside,

Dreaming of days gone by:

How in her youth she came to follow,

One stronger than sorrow

Fairer than joy

She dreamt of her ministry

To the lost and ill,

Through which strong faith she built

Next came her family in summer of life

Sweet children she taught

To grow and to trust

In the Lord our God

Evelyn watched them

Become men and women

Of integrity and virtue

Later came grand babies

She held and blessed till they too

Found their gifts

How sweet were the long years

With her loved husband she spent

Helping each other

Till the day he died

And passed over seas of triumph

To the shore of peace

Evelyn smiled for she knew that soon

She too would join her savior

She knew no fear, for as Paul said

‘To die is gain’.



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