Poem: A Sea of Troubles

The “unsinkable” boat barely shakes,
But harm has already been done.
One captain made an error…
When he declared, “Twenty-four knots and on!”

Who saw it, that deathly horror…
Snowy and sparkling in the sea?
Who saw its silhouette run the deck?
Who saw it vanish into the night?
Scarcely anyone.

Scarcely anyone but short and freckled Annie,
Amusing her friends on deck!
It was twelve o’clock, minus twenty…
When nearly all persons were in bed.

The upset watchman had cried out from the crow’s nest;
Another sixty minutes,
And the charge, driven by panic, begins.

Annie spins and stumbles,
Submerged in a torrent of people…
She cries in desperation for her parents,
But not one person notices the little girl!

Lifeboats are lowered one by one,
“First women and children!”
But Annie merely rushes around.
“Mommy! Daddy!” she shrieks to no avail.

A gentleman grabs her,
Annie is in lifeboat number twenty-four.
Making use of his whole strength…
Away from the Mother Ship, navigates the rower.
But away, too, from small Annie’s mom and dad!

Annie’s locks are swirled and wet…
Her eyesight is misty and stormy.
The tears she is crying lap one over the other…
And inside the little girl,
Are rippling waves of despair and mourning…
leaving her feeling empty
And with a sea that’s at all times raging!

By Jennifer
An Inkling


2 comments on “Poem: A Sea of Troubles

  1. Camilla says:

    I love this poem… great work! Good for when I am in a sad or tragic mood.

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