The rhythm, the  rhyme,

It doesn’t all seem right

If the poem talks not to me

All rhythm, all rhyme,

But nothing to me

I don’t understand, why?

A  rhythm, a rhyme,

Far ahead of my sight

Tis’ lost upon me

Rhythms, rhymes,

Are truly not for me

So I’ll leave ’em be!

By Aravis

An Inkling


I Wish Someone Would Write

Well you may have noticed that not a word, creative or otherwise, has been written in months. This is really quite depressing to me… Now that it is the time of year again when people must come inside at 6:00 or so and the living room fireplace is much more to be preferred, I am expecting to have writings pour in around me, and to be up to my ears in words! Now if you wish to contribute your words to this blog, do tell me so in a comment and then I will give you an address (email)  to send them to.